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Mai 05, 2022

Minify JSON using PowerShell

PowerShell is Windows' powerful and built-in scripting language. And just as a Linux shell it comes with loads of useful commands [1]. Recently I wanted to minify some JSON code to check how much that would shrink its size. I got some inspiration from StackOverflow and finally came up with …

Jan 29, 2022

Quickly Serve a Local Directory

When working on HTML files some things won't work if they're just opened from the local hard-drive. The solution is to present them to your browser through some kind of webserver. Setting up a proper webserver like nginx or Apache would be overkill here.

But if Python is available in …

Okt 12, 2021

Breaking up Exceptions

These days I stumbled upon a weird problem where a Python script of mine would silently fail to save some data to a file. Turns out you can suppress exceptions in a loop with break 😧.

Let me start by outlining what I was trying to achieve: I have a process …

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